Well & Good

BY Kendyl Kearly | May 21, 2018 | Feature Features

Hamptons Wellness Week founders Anastasia Gavalas and Kiley DeMarco gear up for another season of improving community health.

When Anastasia Gavalas and Kiley DeMarco met, they were at completely different life stages. Gavalas felt the physical toll of being a mother to five, and DeMarco, not long out of college, had quit her job to pursue her passion for wellness. The two bonded over the desire to make good health accessible to everyone, and the result was Hamptons Wellness Week (June 2 to 9), a community extravaganza of offerings and deals.

“We realized that, among many differences, we had more similarities: the ambition to better the world, starting with ourselves; a passion for wellness; and a deep appreciation for the place we feel blessed to call home and raise our families—the Hamptons,” Gavalas says.

This year, the festival includes a plethora of partnerships with health-conscious businesses such as AKT, STANDWellness, Exhale Spa, Paddle Diva and Watermelon’s Road. New to the project is a June 9 wellness farmers market aimed toward families, and HWW proceeds go to empowering children through the Wing It Project.

In addition to inspiring kids, Hamptons Wellness Week focuses on allowing people to connect over their health and find their own motivations. “We’re steadfast in providing a stable, welcoming platform rather than following fleeting trends,” DeMarco says. “Instead of portraying the image of perfection, we’re two real women raising our families in the Hamptons.”

Besides experiencing HWW’s new offerings, the founders say they’re looking forward to staying well by taking care of themselves on the beach this summer. “There’s something very magical about the Hamptons,” Gavalas says. “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

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