Surf Mamas

BY Cristina Cuomo | August 4, 2016 | Feature

The “Real Housewives of Road G” on the joy of wave riding
From left: Tara Krolick, Jemilah Afshar, Coralie Charriol Paul, Emma Goergen and Clarita Fodor at Road G beach, Southampton

When I began surfing five years ago, I met the most extraordinary group of women. The founding mother of all surf moms, Holly Peterson, introduced me to her newfound obsession. But it wasn’t until my son, Mario, began surfing at the age of 6 that I had my first lesson. “Meet me at the office,” my surf instructor said, so I suited up and headed to Road G, where I paddled into a wave with the help of a much-needed push, popped up—then sank like a brick. Needless to say, I persisted, and met this amazing group of ladies here—all in the same post-babies mode, searching for freedom, a way to overcome fear and the rush of the ride that surfing gives us. Laura Santos was my first regular surf partner (never surf alone!), and we played with the force of fickle Mother Nature in Southampton and Montauk. We’d wait in a lineup in the ocean at Ditch Plains, like seals ready to pounce on herring, hoping the next wave was as good as the last, even though no two waves are ever the same. But we were creating a lifelong friendship, facing the unknown together. After all, we get to be in the ocean where we forfeit control over our lives, where there are no phones or hassles, where we get to be our best selves with each other and return to the shore with that same high for the rest of the day. Meet the original “Real Housewives of Road G,” as Jemilah Afshar calls the crew. Bravo’s got nothing on us.


Years Surfing: Four
Hamptons 'Hood: Southampton
Number of Kids: Four
Favorite Surf Beach Out East: Road G and Ditch Plains
My Ride: I just switched to a 6'8 Hypto Krypto and I love it!
What Surfing Does for Me: It empowers and challenges me, and lets me escape the real world for a couple of hours a day. The thrill of catching a good wave feels incredible.

Years Surfing: Three
Hamptons 'Hood: Bridgehampton
Number of Kids: One
Favorite Surf Beach Out East: It depends on the break—Cryder or Road G in Southampton.
My Ride: I’m enjoying my 7'6 Water Hog.
What Surfing Does for Me: It puts me on a natural high; it’s energizing and peaceful. Surfers are awesome people. I love being a part of the ‘family.’


Years Surfing: Five
Hamptons 'Hood: Sagaponack
Number of Kids: Two
Favorite Surf Beach Out East: Ditch Plains
My Ride: 8'6 Water Hog
What Surfing Does for Me: It quiets my mind.


Years Surfing: I was born in Hawaii next to Diamond Head, in a house literally facing the best surf break on the South Shore. While I tried surfing many times since I was young, it didn’t click for me until three summers ago in Southampton. I’ve been hooked ever since.
Hamptons 'Hood: Southampton
Number of Kids: Three
Favorite Surf Beach Out East: Wherever it’s breaking!
My Ride: 8' longboard custom made by Tim Ryan in Malibu
What Surfing Does for Me: I love putting on a wet suit and feeling the water touch my toes early in the morning before the world wakes up. When all the elements align and you and the wave are one, you are living in the moment.


Years Surfing: This summer will be my third summer surfing. I wish I’d started when I was a kid; I am sure it would have been easier than learning after I already had three kids!
Hamptons 'Hood: I am in Southampton so I can be close to Road G Beach.
Number of Kids: Three. My daughter was attending the Flying Point Surf Camp and I decided I wanted a lesson for myself. I have been hooked ever since.
Favorite Surf Beach Out East: Road G beach. It has the best break and the most authentic, funky surf vibe. That is why I named our crew ‘The Real Housewives of Road G.’
My Ride: Right now I am into my Al Merrick 8'0, but I am eyeing a 7'6, and who knows, maybe a 6'10 after that.
What Surfing Does for Me: When I’m surfing, I am my truest self, going through the feelings of anticipation for the wave, the hard work of paddling to make the wave, pride when I get up on the board and sheer bliss as I fly over the water. Rinse and repeat—literally.

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