Sag Harbor's Amy Hammond Brews A New CBD Tea That's Sure To Be A Hit In The Hamptons

Samantha Bergeson | May 24, 2019 | Lifestyle


Glow Water founder Amy Hammond

This season, East Enders might notice a beverage trend that’s buzzier than the Hamptons-inspired rosés that launched last summer. Sag Harbor-based Glow Water is elevating traditional tea to a new high by adding cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD.

Founder and Barre instructor Amy Hammond sought to contribute to the cannabis craze and discovered inspiration in her travels to England and childhood tea times with her father. “CBD is everywhere these days,” Hammond says of the trend. “I just like tea, and I think the two marry well together.”


The Restore tea is especially good pre- or post-workout

Hammond’s new trio of Glow Water teas utilize 100 percent organic hemp derived from THC-free cannabis sativa. The caffeine-free concoctions are then blended with natural herbs to target specific benefits of cannabis: pain management, stress relief and sleep treatment. The tea bags contain a water-soluble CBD that assimilates into the bloodstream faster and more effectively than oils or other topical cannabis products.

Glow Water’s teas include Calm (a blend of spearmint, rose and licorice, perfect for a midday moment of serenity), Restore (infused with hibiscus and ginger for a refreshing aid in cellular repair, tailored as a post-gym drink) and Sleep (lavender and chamomile flavors assisting in combating insomnia and immediately relaxing the entire body after consuming).


The teas can help control stress, mood, inflammation, sleep, pain response and more.

“The Hamptons are where people come to relax, have fun and experience wellness,” Hammond says of the market that’s a natural fit. “Hamptonites want to feel connected and present for friends and family, and these teas can help with that.”

Looking ahead, Hammond hopes to continue to introduce CBD to health-conscious tea drinkers—and find a career high of her own. “Tea brings people together,” Hammond says. “It’s a great alternative to a cocktail party: Have a tea party!” $28 per pack of five,


Photography by: Glow Water; by paul barbera