Sabah is Popping Up in Amagansett This Summer with an Exclusive Collection

Teresa Zhang | July 22, 2019 | Lifestyle Style & Beauty


Known for handmade slides, artisanal leather shoe brand Sabah is popping up in Amagansett for the summer. Inspired by traditional Turkish slippers, Mickey Ashmore created Sabah with a family of craftspeople in Southeast Turkey. Using the disappearing skill of handstitched shoe construction, these artisans produce two collections for Sabah: the Sabah slippers and the Baba slides. For its third summer in Amagansett, Sabah carries all of the latest Sabahs and Babas, plus a special Amagansett-inspired Sabah collection, Shearling Babas. In a soft white leather with a light coating, Shearling Babas are the right pair for cool summer nights by the bonfire or for postsurfing at Ditch Plains. Besides the comfy slippers, expect weekend backgammon, live music in the yard and evening socials with palomas at the new location. 137 Main St., Amagansett,


Photography by: Sabah