Plant-Based Brand Prima is Taking the Confusion Out of CBD and Expanding Their Product Line

Phebe Wahl | August 13, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Co-founded by Hamptonite Christopher Gavigan, plant-based wellness brand Prima hopes to take the confusion out of CBD.


Night Magic botanical skin treatment for radiance & balance, $88, The Daily hemp wellness blend for balance, $45, Skin Therapy ultra-rich butter for soothing hydration, $38

Plant-based healing is certainly trending these days thanks to a bumper crop of CBD startups. But how does one, uh, weed through all the noise? Enter Prima (, a CBD wellness brand founded by Hamptonite Christopher Gavigan (who is also co-founder of The Honest Company) along with cannabis activist Jessica Assaf and Honest alum Laurel Angelica Myers.

Gavigan has been spending the season out East with his wife (actress Jessica Capshaw) and his family for the past 20 years. “[The Hamptons are] our place; we collide, play and create beautiful memories—my four kids roam the landscapes and explore themselves. That fills me up immeasurably,” he says.

Gavigan believes Prima will resonate well with health-seeking Hamptonites who are often forward-thinking when it comes to wellness. “East Enders are tastemakers who have the duty to uplift all that is good with health care, wellness and beauty,” he says.


Co-founders Laurel Angelica Myers, Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Assaf

The experienced trio hopes to demystify the booming hemp and cannabis industry. Initial offerings include The Daily, a hemp supplement designed to help with overall wellness (30 capsules for $45); Skin Therapy, an emollient butter to help support skin health ($38); and Night Magic, a neck and face treatment that boasts 13 botanical oils and 150 mg of hemp cannabinoids with CBD ($88). More products will join the collection later this summer, expanding the newly launched line.

“The therapeutic value and medicinal possibilities are remarkable. Humanity needs this plant. These molecules,” Gavigan explains. “But they need a brand and voices they can trust, that will keep them safe, that will be dogmatic and obsessive about purity and quality.” Prima’s science-driven, transparent approach is meant to demystify the confusing cannabis industry. “We’re the first hemp CBD brand to be a Public Benefit Corp, Made Safe Certified, and soon we will be a certified B Corp, which highlights our value for transparency, accountability and social impact,” says Gavigan. “The seismic shift from synthetic medicines to plant-based functional medicines is here. We are here to teach, empower and ignite an uprising in human well-being and hemp wellness.”


Photography by: Prima