A Mother's Love

BY Phebe Wahl | May 21, 2018 | Feature Features

For her third tome with Assouline, "Mother and Child," photographer Claiborne Swanson Frank turns her lens toward the ancient genre of mother and child. Here, some of the East End's breathtaking beauties offer a meditation on modern motherhood.

Claiborne Swanson Frank // PHOTOGRAPHER
“A theme that I explore in the book is the idea of beautiful imperfection. Before I had children, I was driven by this false sense of control in my life and desire to find perfection, but in motherhood, I was forced to let go of my ideas of perfection in my life, my home, and my body. You realize that perfection is an ideal and nothing more.”

"Being her mother is the most real, raw connection I’ve ever had to another person."

Tinamarie Clark // LIFE COACH & MODEL
“People always say it was love at first sight. For me, it was love at first cry. The sound of his cry felt so familiar to me. I was instantly relieved because I already knew him. ... Not listening to others’ fears and trusting my gut is a strength of mine. One of my weaknesses is that I use the word no a lot. I would like to learn a different way of translating that where I can actually get him to stop coloring on my walls.”

Maria DueƱas Jacobs // BRANDING DIRECTOR
“Drawing the line of how much you spoil your children is very tough. I definitely have a weakness when it comes to buying them clothing—those tutus and little dresses are so hard to resist! ... We ask family and friends to hold off on birthday and holiday gifts. For the most part, they are understanding. Hopefully, this rule and our intention to be more mindful of our purchases will help our girls stay grateful and appreciate the things they already own, and the few new things they receive.”

Delfina Blaquier Figueras // MODEL & PHOTOGRAPHER
“I have learned that you have to love yourself first in order to love those around you. I believe that taking care of you is key. Do things that nurture your soul. In my case I love sports, I love to ride horses, and I try to do it as much as possible. The beautiful thing is when you get to share passions with them."

Mollie Ruprecht Acquavella // EDITOR
"I have learned to appreciate each moment good and bad for its transience. The time we have is valuable.”

Jessica Sailer Van Lith // CREATIVE DIRECTOR
“My husband and I are both horse people, and this is truly our passion. Honestly, to find the time to pursue this, we have really turned our passion into a lifestyle. The girls live it with us. We live on a farm, we hang out at the barn, we take them to all our events and we try and make it as enjoyable as possible for them as well.”

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