Martha Stewart On Her Dog's Favorite Things and Life in The Hamptons

The Editors | June 11, 2019 | People

As the designer of posh pooch collections sold through QVC and Amazon, Martha Stewart knows how to treat a dog right in the Hamptons.


The Pack
Empress Qin, 2
Emperor Han, 1
Crème Brûlée, 4 this December
Bête Noir, 4 this December

Walk The Walk
My dogs love walking around the neighborhood. We go for walks at 6:30am on the roads near my Lily Pond home and on the beach between Main Beach and Georgica Beach. They love to greet other dogs, make friends and just have fun.

Cute Chefs
The dogs hang out only in the kitchen and the pantries in my East Hampton home. The kitchen is the hub of the house, and they don’t miss out on a thing. Plus, it’s cool.

Lifegaurd on Duty
My dogs would sink to the bottom if they chose to go into the pool, so we have to be very careful they don’t have any accidents or fall overboard.

Farm to Bowl
The dog food is prepared by me. I make about 40 quarts every 30 days, and it is good enough for humans to eat.

Classic Canines
Believe it or not, Milk-Bones are their favorite treats.

Beauty Sleep
Chow chows don’t sleep in beds, but the Frenchies cuddle in our beds we design for the Martha Stewart pets collection on Amazon.

Pop the Collar
My dogs do not wear collars; they wear harnesses. We make all the leads and harnesses that the dogs wear. They too are available on Amazon.

Veterinarian's Choice
Luckily, I’ve had no emergencies with the dogs that [required a visit to the] vet, but there is a very good emergency veterinarian service right in East Hampton on Montauk Highway called the East Hampton Veterinary Group. I would feel extremely comfortable visiting there in an emergency.

Tricks for Treats
I have trained all my dogs myself. They are pretty obedient and well-behaved, so they have never needed a trainer.

Spa Day
I groom my dogs myself. I bathe them using Martha Stewart shampoo and conditioner. The Frenchies get bathed every two weeks and the chow chows once every six weeks.

The dogs love walking through town and to visit with people. They just aren’t so quiet when they meet another dog.


Photography by: courtesy of martha stewart