Learn How To Put Together the Perfect Floral Arrangement with Stephanie Lessing

Kendyl Kearly | August 21, 2019 | Lifestyle

Stephanie Lessing of Water Mill’s Millstone Flowers (millstoneflowers.com) shares how to create a dreamy floral arrangement.


Curve Appeal
“The most important tip is only use flowers you absolutely love. We love garden roses, particularly the antique varieties because they dip and cascade, and they instantly make any space feel like a little garden party. It’s important to look at the way each flower naturally curves and use that to enhance your designs.”


Color Coded
“One of my favorite flower-arranging tips is to start with a creamy pastel palette and add touches of more vibrant color as your focal flowers. If you’re doing cream and ivory, add a few showier flowers in a baby pink or a soft peach, and let the colors gradually get lighter toward the outer edges of your designs."


Green House
“Jonathan [Qualtere] and I love using flower frogs because they’re beautiful, they last forever and they hold the flowers without constricting them in any way. You also want to buy flowers from the cleanest, most eco-conscious farms possible. When the flowers are grown organically, the fragrance is out of this world.”


Photography by: kenny chen