East End Nutritionist Charlotte LaGuardia On How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

Kendyl Kearly | August 14, 2019 | Lifestyle

  • When hitting the beach this summer, make sure to pack the right foods to stay hydrated, nourished and, of course, a little indulgent. Here, East End nutritionist Charlotte LaGuardia (thriveeast.‌com) breaks down the anatomy of a healthy picnic basket.



“The sun can leave our skin dry and our bodies dehydrated. Unfortunately, ‘summer water’ does not hydrate and can even leave us feeling worse later on. Regular water with lemon is a great place to start, but my favorite substitute for wine is always kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea that is both hydrating and nourishing to our microbiome. Right now, I am loving Health-Ade’s Bubbly Rose flavor. Rose is naturally calming to our nervous system, perfect for chilling out on the beach!”


“The farm stands are flourishing right now, so why not load up on all that they have to offer? Homemade guacamole with crudités and Mason jar salads are my favorite way to incorporate fresh vegetables when you’re on the go. Start by pouring in your favorite dressing, then layer the veggies starting with the hardest and topping off with the softest—usually greens. When you are ready to eat, simply shake up and dive in. Vegetables are amazing on the beach because they are full of phytonutrients, water and fiber that help protect our skin from the sun, hydrate our bodies and keep us full. Feel free to add in your favorite protein to make it a balanced meal—I love quinoa, wild-caught salmon or beans.”


“It’s not a day on the beach without a sweet treat! Instead of running to the ice cream truck, pack a jar of my beach mix, and you will not be disappointed! Mix equal parts raw pepitas, walnuts, almonds and coconut flakes with ½ part unsweetened raw cacao chips and dried mulberries. This mixture is high in fiber, anti-inflammatory fats and nutrients like iron, vitamin C, riboflavin and potassium.”


Photography by: Eric striffler