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Daphne Oz on Baby No. 4, Her Healthy FOMO and Spending the Summer in The Hamptons

BY Jayne Chase | May 22, 2019 | Feature Celebrity

“I do love to cook!” Daphne Oz posted on Instagram earlier this year to announce her pregnancy. “Bun number four coming your way later this year!” the supermom certainly wears more than a chef hat. As host, author, influencer and spokeswoman, Oz juggles it all and now candidly shares how on her PureWow podcast Mom Brain, co-hosted with Fellow Hamptonite Hilaria Baldwin. This summer, Oz beats the city heat with her bump and brood out East.


Congratulations on baby number four! Will you get a moment to kick your feet up this summer in the Hamptons?
I’ll be about 20 months pregnant with our fourth baby this summer, so I’m excited to be barefoot in a bikini and caftan as much as possible, with endless refills of tart, minty lemonade.

What projects are you working on now that you’re excited about?
Some foodie friends and I have spent the past year filming a new series, every Wednesday on The Dr. Oz Show, called The Dish. It’s the best kind of dinner party—we get to share some favorite, easy recipes and talk about whatever we want over a delicious meal and some good drinks. We’ve been having so much fun, and I always learn a little something along the way, whether it’s the healthiest breakfast smoothie Hollywood loves or the restaurant secret for cooking perfect steaks at home (hint: score the fat, get your cast-iron skillet extra-hot, make sure you flip your meat a few times and always baste with butter). I’ll also have a new TV project to announce later this summer that I am so excited about! And I’m working on my next cookbook, out spring 2021.

Speaking of dishes, what’s your favorite meal to whip up out East?
Last summer, I made cracked coriander chicken thighs on the grill with a bunch of fresh salads and veggie sides almost every time we had friends over. The beauty of summer produce is that the less you do, the better it tastes, so it’s the perfect time to keep the meals fast and fresh and soak up time with everyone you love.


When you do take a break from the kitchen, where do you eat?
I love Wölffer Kitchen and Tutto il Giorno. We also love running in with the kids for a fast dosa at Hampton Chutney Co.

We’ve grown up watching your dad, Dr. Mehmet Oz, on television, and he has had a big impact on our national conversation about health. How has he influenced you and your career?
As a kid, watching my dad graduate from medical school, then enter into his residency, I knew he was at the hospital for days on end. For him, it wasn’t just about doing the amount that was expected; it wasn’t about doing the work so people would pat him on the back. It was about doing his absolute best with every single thing he did. He never claimed to be the most talented; he never claimed to be the most naturally gifted. He just worked so hard and practiced, practiced, practiced for his own personal satisfaction. I think he impressed on me that you get the most satisfaction—you derive the most out of your life—from working hard, seeing struggles and then seeing success through that. One thing I am proud to have inherited from him is a boundless sense of curiosity that really pushes [me] to want to tell [my] story and hear from people. Television is a great platform for that.

You’re still so young and have accomplished more than most people. Where do you get your drive?
So many places! I want to feel like my memory box is full. My parents raised us to have a healthy sense of FOMO before there was such a thing. When we traveled together, we would get to the hotel, drop off our suitcases and immediately were off exploring. I think that sense that life is very short and you need to cram in as much as possible has always been chief for me. My husband, John (who, by the way, is my greatest strength), and I had kids young, and I don’t ever want to feel like that has stopped me from having the life I dreamed of for myself. So our kids are a part of everything we do. We want to show them our passion, our joy. I am a big believer in ‘happy kids have happy parents to show them how it’s done.’ I have always wanted to be able to do the things I wanted to do, and that was a big part of me getting healthy. I want to show people the ways that are working for me; what I’m eating, the exercises I’m doing, the workout clothes I’m wearing to get me motivated to get to the gym. I have never been a fitness freak or a naturally skinny girl, so if something works for me in terms of losing weight, then it will work for you. All of this is part of a huge conversation.

Let’s talk about that bigger conversation. Tell us about your new podcast, Mom Brain, airing once a week on PureWow. How did it come about and what do you hope to accomplish with it?
Hilaria Baldwin and I became really good friends, through our kids primarily. I’ve had a lot of kids, as has she, so it was lovely to find a family that we could hang out with who were going through the same life experiences. We would go out to dinner and share our best mothering advice, tips on everything, so we had this idea to start a podcast where we would create a village, create a group of mothers that we really loved and respected, and talk about deeper issues. Parenting is a common experience, and the way we handle it, the way we respond to it, is independent and unique. It’s conversations like these we hope to share on the podcasts. Plus, motherhood can be really lonely, so we want to provide a [place] where moms can commune together.


How has your own mother influenced you?
My mom is the creative kernel for all of us. My dad would not be where he is today without her. She is an author, producer and an amazing, amazing cook. She and my grandma gave me my love of food, my love of exploring through food and my love of bringing family and friends together at the table. I owe my entire television experience at The Chew to my mom, who was approached first by the network for the job. She is the most in-tune person I know, and she has been, and still is, with us all every step of the way.

Photography Courtesy Of: Photography by Nick Mele, Styling by Zlata Kotmina,
Hair by Giavanna Calabria at Le Bazaar