Chef Jeremy Blutstein Talks The New Menu For Gurney's Showfish

Abigail Whittington | July 18, 2019 | Food & Drink

Chef Jeremy Blutstein will continue to redefine the farm-to-table experience as head chef at Gurney’s new spot.


Counter-clockwise from top: Kimberly roasted tilefish, Rock N Roll seared scallops and tagliatelle

Last summer, chef Jeremy Blutstein fired up an industrial-size charcoal grill in the middle of an Amagansett orchard to serve a five-course meal to more than 250 guests. A seemingly endless table set with rustic decor embodied the theme of the event: honoring and supporting the local community.

Each year, Quail Hill Farm’s At the Common Table Dinner rounds up a group of local chefs who are committed to creating a more localized culinary experience by giving guests a firsthand taste of what farm-to-table really means. Before the event, Blutstein and the other chefs received a list of ingredients that the farm had to offer that season. The chefs then created a collaborative menu based off of those ingredients. The event not only celebrates the harvest but also showcases the fresh flavors of local ingredients. “Vegetables will be covered in dirt and not always uniform in size but are 10 times more beautiful and delicious,” Blutstein says.

An Amagansett native, Blutstein has always been a supporter of local farms and fisheries. This year, he carries his community ingredient belief from Almond in Bridgehampton, where he was the chef de cuisine, to the new Gurney’s Star Island Resort & Marina in Montauk, where he starts as executive chef of its centerpiece restaurant, Showfish. When Blutstein designed the menu for Showfish, he wasn’t looking to recreate the traditional but to introduce a world of underwater ingredients. “While our menu will include the freshest tuna, striped bass, lobsters and shellfish, we will also be serving smoked bluefish, tilefish and Jonah crab,” he says. “These items are excellent ingredients, though they don’t have the reputation they deserve.”


Chef Jeremy Blutstein

Showfish will also feature a 9-foot fish display alongside a massive lobster tank to show off the prized elements of the dishes before they hit the table. With the marina central to Montauk’s commercial fishing port, fresh seafood comes easy. “Our guests will be able to taste an intentional sense of locality in every bite,” Blutstein says.

Even with his new role as executive chef at Gurney’s, he assures us that he will still help host those immaculate At the Common Table Dinner parties. His advice if you want to host your own farm-to-table celebration is to just have fun with it: “If you start taking it too seriously and worrying about the little things, it’s just not worth it.” 32 Star Island Road, Montauk,


Photography by: food photo by Sarah Kuszelewicz/courtesy of gurney's star island