Sari Sloane and Haro Keledjian Open Everafter and The Westside on Southampton's Main Street

BY Maggie Klimuszko | August 22, 2019 | Lifestyle


Cynthia Rowley and Kit Keenan

Sari Sloane and Haro Keledjian, former fashion director and co-founder of luxury shopping destination Intermix, respectively, debuted two new stores in 2017: Everafter and The Westside. Both are now opening in side-by-side spaces on Southampton’s Main Street to serve both parent and child. A specially curated fashion concept inspired by the casual Californian coast, The Westside is a Hamptonite’s fashion dream with everything from swimwear to cocktail dresses. Now a mother of three girls, Sloane also launched Everafter, the sister (or daughter) concept of The Westside. A natural segue from the duo’s previous launches, Everafter is the one-stop shop for kids and teens. With a collection of outfits suited for all occasions—cozy afternoons at home, beach days that turn into beach nights and summer barbecue parties—Everafter has all of the summer vacation essentials. Even better, the shop also has a selection of “cool stuff” including Mermaid Glitter sunscreen, Glamour Camper glitter anti-bug sunscreen and stylish sleepover bags for a summer celebrated with friends. 57 Main St., Southampton,;

Photography Courtesy Of: Madison McGaw/